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The Dark Cloud Media Platform is the most powerful, easy to use
digital storefront available for you to sell your adult content.

Getting started is easy. Create a free acount www.darkcloud.com
Complete our studio application form and you're in business!

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Dark Cloud Media Platform Studios
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What we provide you...

Sell your content in the Dark Cloud storefront. Our revenue model is: the credit card processor takes 10%, we split the rest 70/30.

Each studio gets a dedicated page within the storefront. Specify up to 3 content categories for your listings.

Sell Movies: a movie is single media file that you upload and automatically gets converted to a very high quality mp4 file.

Sell Libraries: A library is a collection of images and movie files, bundled together into a zip file and sold as one piece of content.

Monthly payouts by the 5th of each month. We even cover the 10% reserve that you typically have to float until the bank refunds it.

Should you desire to have an entire website dedicated to your content, you can always apply for a complete website here.

Studio Application    Or give us a call at 888-555-1212