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What is the Dark Cloud Media Platform?

The Dark Cloud Media Platform is state-of-the-art service that provides a digitial sales platform for adult content. The platform itself is made up of several components:
1) The store front located at www.darkcloud.com. This is a public web service that allows content creators the ability to upload and sell their digital adult content to the public.
2) A Content Management System, or CMS. You may have heard of other popular CMS applications. Word Press, for example is a popular content management system. Our CMS allows you to host your own adult web site, including unlimited live cams.
3) The Dark Cloud Desktop Media Manager. This is a Windows-based desktop application that allows you to manage the images and videos on your computer in a way similar to ACDSee, Lightroom, or Aperature on the Mac. You can also discreetly browse the internet, do powerful images searches, and short directly on the Dark Cloud Storefront all from within the application