Movie: Girls in Prison Part 2

From Studio: Bound Live

Girls in Prison Part 2
This update has 2 videos! Ashley Taylor, Freya Rose, and Jasmine Sky are having a good time at home, drinking some wine, when Officer Lisa shows up due to several noise complaints from the neighbors. Officer Lisa asks to see IDs and Freya says she lost hers, and the others say they're not 21 yet. She quickly arrests the three of them and handcuffs them before escorting them to the police station. Once Officer Lisa got them to the police station, she un cuffed them and had them change into the orange jumpsuits before putting the handcuffs back on and shackling them as well.

Keywords: None
Category: Bondage BDSM
Duration: 0:03:37
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Price: $7.99


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