From Studio: Sexy Evelina

"Tongues fully extending out like ur beautiful scenes. rapidly transition into heavy licking and tongues begin touching hard with every lick bring your faces and mouths very close, so that every lick makes your tongues fully clash pressing and overlapping, until they are always colliding and overlapping on every single lick. They become big licks on purpose to fully lick each others tongues, like ice cream. your tongues come together so close that the heavy licking makes them permanently overlapping and massaging together. This turns into tongue domination contest, like tongue war Instead of your noses touching, try having your chins or lower lips can always be touching Like a game rule. Now when you stick out your tongues this close, they are always fully clashing together, going inside of each other. Colliding with lots of force and pleasure. you are both wrestling tongues to stay ontop. meanwhile making various tongue shapes, with your strong tongue. Making it difficult for Janin to win with her tongue, both tongues aggresively fighting. Forcing your tongues to mash together into messy shapes."

Keywords: tongue, spit, moaning, sex games, licking
Category: Kissing Lesbians Mouth Fetish
Duration: 0:15:12
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Price: $17.99


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