Movie: Dirty Feet Release Day

From Studio: My Complete Fetish Network

Dirty Feet Release Day
Roxanne Rae found a slave off the streets and has been keeping him for her own amusement to torment. He's not allowed to ever touch his cock unless she decides to give him a release. Today is the day that He finally gets to cum but with the stipulation that it will only be with Roxanne's Dirty feet. Roxanne teases her slave by edging him over and over while talking about her perfect life and perfect boyfriend, she goes over how pathetic he is and how she found him and the way his life will be forever. He will never ever be able to feel a mouth pussy or even hand for that matter for the rest of his pathetic life. Roxanne brings him up and down over and over again while squeezing his cock with her feet to torment him and squeezing and crushing his balls. She explains how his family must feel to have such a pathetic loser in their bloodline. After long moments of pain and torment and absolute cruel verbal abuse she finally brings him to orgasm, but he is punished when it isn't what she wanted. She force feeds him his cum with her dirty feet that have been all over his cock right before leaving him there covered in his own cum to go out and see her boyfriend.

Keywords: Roxanne Rae, Miles Striker, Femdom, FootJob, Cum Play, Cum on Feet, slave, bondage, verbal humiliation, degradation, cuckolding, cucky
Category: Foot Domination Brat Girls Small Penis Humiliation
Duration: 0:17:51
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Price: $12.99


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