Movie: What is Your Girlfriend up To While You're at Work?

From Studio: My Complete Fetish Network

What is Your Girlfriend up To While You're at Work?
You haven’t had sex with your girlfriend in months, life is frustrating to have such a beautiful woman at home while you work all day and she always seems to have a headache. What is she up too? Does she just not like sex or is she just not into you? You’re gonna learn today cuck! Her lover has a surprise for you when he decides to pull out her phone and record just where she’s been getting it for months now. The best part is it’s in your bed. You better watch closely listen and learn about how your new life is going to be from now on cucky! She strokes her lovers dick right in your face while taunting you about all your inadequacies. She taunts you and plays with her lover’s cock until it explodes in front of you.

Keywords: Jenny Jett, Miles Striker, Verbal Humiliation, Cuck, Tease & Denial, Cucky, Humiliation, Handjob, Cum Play,
Category: Cuckolding Femdom POV Small Penis Humiliation
Duration: 0:11:10
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Price: $9.99


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