From Studio: Sexy Evelina

"You are not happy because your hair is dirty and you were too lazy to wash it. So you decide to punish yourself : your hair is tied, bathtub is completely full with water and you are outside it. You untie your hair and you dunk your head underwater, several times. Each time, you go very deep, until your breasts touch the water. You stay long under, sometimes blowing bubbles, and sometimes even screaming because you torture yourself by staying under so long. After several times, you shampoo your hair first time. Then you rinse it, again with several long and deep dunkings, with some bubbles ans screaming. You are sill not happy so you do a second shampoo. Again you rinse the same way, with long and deep dunkings. You even try a third shampoo and again you rinse the same way. Finally you put conditioner, which you also rinse the same way : deep and long dunkings while you massage your hair underwater, more bubbles and screaming. In the end, still not satisfied, you do some more dunkings, deeper and longer dunkings until finally you yourself and stay with your head underwater."

Keywords: hair washing, bathtube
Category: Smother Underwater Fetish Bikini
Duration: 0:14:56
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Price: $16.99


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