Movie: Cock Craving Little Sister

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Cock Craving Little Sister
Olivia decides to come forward to her Big Brother Miles about boys noticing her at school and her curiosity with sex. Seems Olivia doesn’t just want advice, she wants to practice on her Big Brother. Of course, Miles is a little thrown off by this, it’s his little sister. Olivia seems to know how to seduce well. Till she takes her BIG Big Brother into her mouth, He tries to deter but cannot stop his cock craving little sister. She begins to jump on his dick almost as if she’s done this before while screaming that she needs more practice. Bouncing up and down on her Big Brother’s Cock as she begins to talk nasty to him. Miles starts to spank his little sister while Olivia rides him vigorously. Once Miles screams out “I’m going to cum to my little sister!” Olivia gets on her knees and sucks her juices off her Big Brother’s cock. Olivia sucks and strokes her Big Brother off until he shoots a huge load all over her. She tastes it and rubs it all over herself.

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Category: Taboo Brat Girls Fucking
Duration: 0:12:13
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Price: $12.99


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